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Working abroad

Do you dream of a  job abroad? Discover exciting opportunities to work and live abroad! Here you will find jobs abroad that can enrich your career and change your life. Expand your horizons, immerse yourself in new cultures, learn new languages, and gain valuable experiences!

What are jobs abroad?

In terms of jobs abroad, these are European-language jobs offered outside your home country. Many languages are in demand worldwide as working languages, so foreign companies also offer jobs in your native language, enabling them to communicate with people from your country.

And here's where you come in! If you speak another European language besides English, you have the opportunity to work in many different places. Do you like the beach? Perhaps Crete would be for you. Or would you prefer to live in the historic old town of Lisbon?

Find jobs abroad

Often, the question arises as to where to start when searching for a suitable job abroad. The good news is that we've already found and compiled all the jobs for you. We exclusively offer jobs abroad in your native language, which is a significant advantage for you. This shortens your adaptation period in your new job abroad.

You can rest assured that we have thoroughly checked all the job offers abroad that we present. It's important to us that these are well-paid jobs abroad because you deserve a certain standard of living.

These are the steps to your job abroad

This is how we get things done


Find a job and submit your info

Choose a country you like, apply and provide all required info

We contact and connect you

Within 24H we will reach out to you. After that we will connect you to you future employer

Pack your suitcase

Grab your things, and off you go! A new adventure begins. Your new colleagues are already excited to meet you!

Work abroad & discover the world

Popular destinations

Why you should work abroad

  • Discover new cultures: Experience and understand new cultures, traditions, and ways of life up close
  • Improve your language skills: Working abroad allows you to enhance your language skills in an authentic environment and speak more fluently
  • You will have a great time: Your experience abroad will be the time of your life! Meet people from all over the world, make new friends, and enjoy your life in a sunny country
  • For you! The challenges and experiences you encounter abroad promote your personal development, boost your confidence, and broaden your horizons

European-language jobs abroad for career changers

A job abroad for career changers allows you to gain work experience abroad without specific prior knowledge. Everyone is welcome with us because you will learn all the skills on-site!

Whether you have just finished school or completed your studies, we have the right job for you.

Even if you already have a lot of work experience and want to advance your career through a job abroad, we can help you find a job abroad in your industry

Working abroad with accommodation

If you want to work abroad, you face the challenge of finding new accommodation. One less worry you would have if new accommodation is already available. Often, there is the possibility of getting a job abroad with accommodation.

Many employers offer apartments, sometimes for free and sometimes for a small rent. If accommodation abroad is not available, most employers offer at least hotel accommodation for the first few weeks, so you can start in your new home country relaxed.

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Questions about working abroad

Why work abroad?

Working abroad offers numerous benefits. These include learning new languages and cultures, opportunities for professional development, or intercultural experiences. Working abroad broadens your personal and professional perspectives.

What does GoJOBBEN do?

GoJOBBEN is an international recruitment company that helps you find your employer abroad. Once you have had the first conversation with us, we will work together to find the best job for you. We then introduce you to your future employer and assist you with any questions you may have.

How do I find a suitable job to work abroad?

The search for a suitable job abroad can be conducted through various channels, including online job boards, company websites, or recruitment agencies. You can find current job vacancies abroad on our job board. 

Are there hidden costs if I want to work abroad through GoJOBBEN?

No! The advice and employment placement are free!

How long can I work abroad?

Preferably 12 months or longer. If you like your new home country and enjoy the job, then it’s up to you how long you want to stay. However, selected projects also offer the possibility of a stay of 6 months.

What financial aspects should I consider when working abroad?

When working abroad, financial aspects should be carefully considered, including living expenses, taxes, insurance, and reserves for unforeseen expenses. All jobs we offer provide a salary well above the average wage of the respective country.

What language skills are particularly important when working abroad?

Our offered jobs are in German, Dutch, Swedish, Slovak, Czech or Slovakian but basic knowledge of English is required so that you can also communicate with your colleagues that don’t speak your native language. But don’t worry, you don’t need to speak perfect English

What options are there for accommodation while working abroad?

Accommodation options while working abroad vary by country and personal preferences. They range from renting an apartment or room to staying in company accommodations or temporary residences such as hotels or furnished apartments. In most cases, you have the option to stay in company accommodation. You can find all jobs abroad with accommodation on our website.

What does the application process look like?

We conduct the first interview with you. Then we introduce you to your future employer, who arranges a first meet-and-greet interview with you. This is followed by a second conversation, and that’s it! You can pack your bags, hop on the plane, and your adventure begins!