About GoJobben

GoJobben is an international recruitment agency specialized in placing candidates for jobs abroad. Thanks to their extensive network of various employers throughout Europe, GoJobben is one of the most successful international recruiters in Europe.



At GoJobben, our mission is to empower young people by connecting them with exciting job opportunities abroad. We strive to inspire individuals to step outside their comfort zones, embrace new cultures, and broaden their horizons. By facilitating international placements, we aim to provide young talents with the chance to have the time of their lives while gaining valuable work experience in diverse environments. We believe that by encouraging young people to explore the world, we can help them develop personally, professionally, and create lasting memories along the way.

Our team

The team at GoJobben has over 7 years of experience in recruitment and consists of people from different nationalities. The company's objective is to enable adventurous people to find a job and the corresponding experience abroad.


Meet the team:

Franck - Marketing at GoJOBBEN
Max - Recruitment at GoJOBBEN
Charlie - Head of Operations at GoJOBBEN
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