Working in Barcelona: Charlie works in customer service in Barcelona

Working in Barcelona: Charlie works in customer service in Barcelona

Why did you decide to take the step abroad and decide to work in Barcelona?

In April 2022, I completed my studies and found a job at a marketing agency in Rotterdam. However, after a few months, I began to question if it was really what I wanted. I had spent my entire life in the Netherlands, but there was so much more to see. Since I was still young, I told myself, “Now is the perfect time to work abroad!” So, I quit my job and started researching and evaluating my options online. After a while, it was clear to me that working in Barcelona is what I want to do.

How did I find a job in Barcelona?

How did I end up in Barcelona? When I decided to work abroad for a while, I started searching the internet. What opportunities are there for someone who wants to work abroad? To my surprise, I found that there are quite a few opportunities to work abroad, especially for people who speak Dutch or other European languages. Major companies like Google, Microsoft, or Facebook are based in most European cities and are looking for employees.

Since GoJOBBEN collaborates with these companies, I applied directly through GoJOBBEN. After a short time, I was contacted by Tom and invited for the first phone interview. I must say that I was excited right from the beginning. The conversation with Tom and the subsequent interviews went extremely efficiently and positively! In the end, I chose Barcelona because I had never been to Barcelona before and was eager for an adventure and something completely new.

Everything happened very quickly, and two weeks later, I was already in Barcelona! Tom was very flexible with the start date, but since I was already available, I decided to move to Barcelona at short notice. Why wait unnecessarily? There was no reason for it. Although moving abroad is, of course, an organizational challenge, the whole process was very pleasant because the company provided a lot of support. For example, the flight was paid for, accommodation was arranged, and assistance was provided with bureaucratic matters.

Working in Barcelona: What is my experience?

I must admit that I had great respect when I made the decision to come here. Barcelona? Would it really be something for me? Would I not feel lonely, all alone here? But once I arrived here, all those doubts disappeared immediately. I decided to rent a room in a shared apartment, which resulted in me finding my first friends right away. At work, I quickly joined a very friendly, young group of people from all over Europe and beyond.

People from all over the world live in Barcelona. You can easily communicate in English. However, to get to know the locals better, I recommend learning some Spanish.

For me, Barcelona is an ideal mix: you have the sea, the city, and the mountains. The quality of life is excellent, and the people are happy. Why are people so happy here? Sunshine! The sun and the climate really make a difference. People naturally become more active and energetic when life provides them with plenty of hours of sunshine.

I am truly happy and proud of my decision to go abroad and can only recommend it to everyone! It doesn’t have to be for the rest of your life, but at least for a part of your life, because the world offers so much more than what you already know.

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